Key Question – Lesson 4

Key Question:

What things should look different in my life now that I am a Christian?

We believe a life resembling Jesus exhibits five key characteristics.


We have covered a lot in the past three units.  We know that we can be secure that we are saved if we made a decision to trust in Jesus and the work that He did for us when he died on the cross and came back from the dead. (Unit 1)  We know that in order for us to grow in our relationship with Jesus, we need to “abide” in Him and be intentional about pursuing that relationship and that there are four key disciplines that help us to abide in Jesus. (Unit 2)  We also know we are called to work diligently to become more like Jesus but that we can trust that God is doing the work through His grace and our effort to actually change our lives. (Unit 3)
Now you know you have some work to do: You know your life should change to become more like Jesus, but what is the end result? What does that look like?  What are the practical areas in which you work to change your life?
When a builder starts a project, he doesn’t pull a team together and say, “Let’s build a house!  Everyone go get the materials you think you need and get started.”  Chaos would reign immediately.  Some workers would be laying the foundation for a ranch house; others would be working on roofing for a three-story Victorian.  Nothing would get done.
Instead, before the first nail is purchased, blueprints are drawn so everyone knows exactly what the house should look like.  They know how many windows will be on the second floor and how many electrical outlets will be in the kitchen.  The plans cover everything that every person working on the house needs to know so that in the end, the house that is designed is the house that gets built.
God did not say, “Be holy as I am holy – good luck!”  He left us a blueprint in His word to help us. In this unit, we are going to focus on five characteristics of someone who is growing in their relationship with Christ.  We believe that if you spend time working on the five characteristics below while abiding in your relationship with Jesus, your life will change and you will begin to become more like Jesus.  You will be growing into “the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” – Ephesians 4-11-15.
Five Characteristics:

  1. Live Obediently
  2. Connect Intentionally
  3. Serve Selflessly
  4. Give Generously
  5. Share Willingly


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