Key Question – Lesson Three

Opening Question:

Now that I am a Christian, should my life look differently?

Yes; as you follow Jesus you should find that you become more like Him.


Most of us have had the often shocking experience of stumbling across an old picture from ten or more years ago.  (For some of us, many more years ago. And thanks to “Throwback Thursdays” we now have to worry about finding them on a friend’s timeline or Instagram page.)  For many of us, the first thought we have when faced with one of these gems from times gone by is, “What was I thinking!?!”  The idea that we ever thought what we were wearing or how we cut our hair was acceptable now seems completely ridiculous.

Looking at the old self is not always pretty.

Now imagine the “you” from that old picture showing up at your workplace tomorrow.  In your classroom.  Out with your friends. Wearing the same ridiculous clothes, having the same taste in music, watching the same shows – the ones you tired of years ago.

Horrifying to contemplate, isn’t it?

The good news is that you have changed.  Over time, your choices, your education, your beliefs and attitudes have grown and you no longer do the things you regret from your past.  You have made choices that have taken you from the person in the picture to the you that you are today.

As you follow Jesus, you should begin to change.  Your old attitudes, actions and beliefs will become as ill-fitting to who you are becoming as that ridiculous haircut in junior high is to you now.  If you engage the actions we learned about in the last two units, you cannot help but change.

This topic of change is broken into two units (3 and 4).

In this section we’re going to look at how the change occurs:

  1. Yes, as you follow Jesus, you should change.
  2. You should try to live more like Jesus daily.
  3. Trust that God will do the work.

In the next unit, “What should look different,” we will look at five specific areas where you can expect to see change in your life.  In the meantime, let’s look at how change happens as you follow Jesus.


Before you begin spend time reflecting on these, writing down your answers, or even discussing with a friend.

  1. How does our culture encourage us to live? (What attitudes, actions, aspirations, etc.) How do we know what is truly best for us in life?
  2. Think back on a major change you have made in your life (prior to becoming a Christ-follower).  What went into making that change?  What motivated you?  What steps did you take to make the change?
  3. What are the reasons most people would want to see their lives change?
  4. If someone wants to see an area of their life change, what are some steps they would be likely to take?
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