Key Question – Lesson Two

So, I’ve decided to follow Jesus – now what?

Now you get to know Him and begin to take steps to grow in your relationship with Him. 

The Olympics are amazing to watch. Every four years we are treated to the spectacle of men and women performing at the absolute peak of human ability.  We watch in awe as records are shattered and new feats are accomplished and wonder, “How did they do that?”

As awe-inspiring as the Olympics can be, most of us don’t realize all that it took for those athletes to make it to that level of competition. We know, of course, that none of those athletes were born able to do what we see them perform on the screen.  Most started with natural talent, but only a few with talent make it to the Olympic stage.  What took these athletes there?  What enabled them to take the raw gift of talent and turn it into a gold medal?

Each of those athletes had a plan of what it would take to become the best at what they did. Then they spent hours and days and weeks and years working that plan again and again until they reached their goal.  Time and intentionality were the keys to their success.

In order to master anything – a sport, a new language, the latest gadget from apple – two things are required: time and intentionality.  You can buy the latest phone and carry it around with you for a month, but if you never turn it on and spend time using it or open the manual to read about what you should do in order to get the most out of it, you will never “grow” in your ability to use the phone.  It might as well be a pet rock.

Every relationship you have started the same way.  You started with the gift of the connection, the moment of realizing you have things in common, but without time and intentionality, the relationship had no hope of ever growing.  Just as it takes time and intentionality for your relationships with others to grow, it will take time and a plan for you to grow in your relationship with Jesus.


At Hope, our mission is to “Love people where they are and to encourage them to grow in their relationship with Jesus.” This module is designed to help you understand how to take those first steps in ‘growing’ in your relationship with Jesus now that it’s begun.

Two areas we want to have confidence in after this unit:

  1. An understanding of how to grow in your relationship with Jesus.
  2. An understanding of your call to be baptized.
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