Section Two – Understanding your call to be baptized

Baptism is an action that is asked of every person who follows Jesus.  It is an outward symbol of an inward decision. It shows the world that you have made a commitment to follow Jesus and that you have a new life in him.  Jesus modeled this for us when he was baptised by John the Baptist at the beginning of His ministry. {Matthew 3:13-15}  He also commanded us to be baptized when we decide to follow Him.  {Matthew 28:19}

A great example of this kind of symbol is a wedding ring.  A wedding ring shows the world that you are married, that you have made a commitment to live your life together with another person until death.  The ring doesn’t make you married, and if you lose the ring, you are still married. The value of the ring isn’t in the ring itself, but what it symbolizes, the commitment between a man and wife.

In the same way, baptism does not provide salvation, but it does proclaim to the world that you have accepted the gift of salvation and that you are committed to following Jesus.  When you go under the water, you symbolize your death to your old way of life.  When you come back up out of the water, it symbolizes the *resurrection we have in Christ – our new life in Him.

Throughout the New Testament, we see believers engaging in baptism as their first step and profession of faith.  {Acts 2:40-41, 8:30-38}  We encourage anyone who has made the decision to follow Jesus to be baptized.

Discussion with Friends questions:

  • How much time should I be willing to devote to developing the most important relationship in my life?
  • What do I expect to happen in my life if I begin spending more time reading my Bible, praying, and connecting intentionally with other Christians?
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